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Caregivers Need a Break Too! Respite to the Rescue

Respite care provides caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving, while the person with developmental disabilities continues to receive care in a safe environment. Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver.
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Making memories with a summer vacation

Living with someone with special needs can be a challenge when you are trying to figure out a “family get-a-way”. I recently came across a listing of the 7 best ADA theme parks in the US for the entire family.
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Volunteering Does Your Body Good!

Volunteering Does Your Body Good!

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills — from working as part of a team to setting and reaching goals. It gives you a chance to discover what kinds of things you're best at and enjoy the most. A volunteer job that you love can help keep you in shape too!
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Working wellness into lives of those with disabilities

Working wellness into lives of those with disabilities

Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.The state of Indiana began a new program on March 1, 2016 with the intention of providing wellness services through a Wellness Coordinator. Learn more about how this program works.
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Never Stop Believing You Can!

Never Stop Believing You Can!

“If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford made that famous quote. His heirs are now leading one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world. So much of what we chose to do and accomplish in life is determined by our own attitude. Attitude is everything. Getting up early, showing up for the job, and smiling is just a start. Having a vision, being persistent and being unwavering in accomplishing your vision, your goals and dreams is a great next step.
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Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects development in females. The most common feature of Turner syndrome is short stature, which becomes evident by about age 5. Many affected girls do not undergo puberty unless they receive hormone therapy, and most are unable to conceive (infertile).
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What is a Disability?

The definition of a developmental disability includes, but is not limited to: an intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, a severe head injury that occurred before the age of 22, or a severe seizure disorder.


Under federal law, "developmental disability" means a severe, chronic disability of an individual that:


  • attributable to a mental or physical impairment or combination of mental and physical impairments
  • manifests before the individual attains age 22
  • is likely to continue indefinitely
  • results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:
    • self care
    • receptive and expressive language
    • learning
    • reflects the individual's need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary, or generic services, individualized supports, or other forms of assistance that are of lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated.
    • economic self-sufficiency; and
    • capacity for independent living
    • self-direction
    • mobility


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